SOS (Snippets of Soul)

How a Mercedes S-class relates to your basic emotions – and why you want to know as a man and a leader

You have the choice between getting into the latest Mercedes S-class model or an old Citroën 2CV for a very long trip, what do you choose? Unless you have a passion extraordinaire for retro French cars, I’m guessing the...

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Should you "Shield" or "Field" yourself?

Have this in mind: most of us create visuals to support our perception of the world. Next time you use words to describe something, notice which images it creates within you. Are they supportive of you believing in possibilities, or are they creating unnecessary extra limitations and lessons for you?

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Monitor your energy to see your real motivations

Energy is not fuel with a certain amount of miles per gallon. Energy is directly connected to your true calling and what you do—what really makes you happy, no matter the outcome. Start monitoring your energy, and you will see your real motivations...

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