How does your personal Soul Imprint help you?

A personal Soul Imprint lets you communicate directly with your core Wisdom that's right for you and only you. It bypasses all other outer imprints, ego, and untruths. It helps you SEE YOU, allow yourself to BE YOU, and navigate from that core solely.

Imprints that support your Soul

From early on, we are imprinted from many different sources: Social Imprints, Cultural Imprints, Parental Imprints, Religious Imprints, Political Imprints, Societal Imprints - and the list goes on.

The common denominator is that it's Imprints from others and the outer world. It is not necessarily Imprints aligned with your Soul and your Truth.

We can learn to make decisions and manifest quickly - but are not always aware of how often we create from ego and outer imprints stored in our system.

What if what we think we need are mere illusions? What if we let this take a backseat and let real balance, longings, ideas, and creativity from your Soul take the driver's seat?

A Soul Imprint is a way of tapping directly into your knowing and inner wisdom to see clearly what you already know deep inside to be the answers FROM you and FOR you. These answers may be inconvenient for your ego, but they always bring peace and joy to the core of your Soul.

Communicate with your inner wisdom

How do we know if what we feel, believe, and decide is created from Imprints from the outer world or our Soul's core? There are ways to bypass ego, outer Imprints, and other realities that might feel real to you but are created outside of you.

Two people can look at the same Visual and see two completely different stories. And they often do. Why? When you look at a visual, you see you: your reality, your answers, your creation, and your Truth.

Visual material tends to bypass layers in the brain and directly communicate with your heart, emotional intelligence center, and inner knowing. It's a way to let your Soul speak to you – from your core to your awareness. Not from your ego.

Admittedly, your ego will probably pay attention as you work with your Soul Imprint and make realizations. You will know when it's your ego. You have the option to show your ego love and still choose you. You will see where you are, your natural being, and where you let ego take over.

Imprint yourself with love

Imagine you could give your Soul a pen and a piece of paper to draw out a love-based Imprint aligned with you solely to support you and to help you re-create a constructive Imprint aligned with who you really are.

Your Soul Imprint helps you take a deep dive to see your beauty and uniqueness, to reconnect to the harmonic patterns within you that you already are as a birth gift – by being yourself.

A Soul Imprint is a unique Visual made for you accompanied by a Sacred Text. It is self-love that will surprise you. It's a gentle yet profound tool and an eight-day process.

With your Soul Imprint and only 15 minutes a day plus a finalizing 1-hour 1:1 session, you will see your answers, be your own "clairvoyant" - and know what does and does not resonate with you from a Soul perspective.

You already know it; you only have to SEE and make yourself aware of the answers you hold to BE.


Kristina's work helped me embrace aspects of myself that I was suppressing in my business and life. What I was previously insecure about held the keys to higher performance, more energy, and stronger leadership.

Brian Koehn, Executive Sales & Marketing Leader

My Soul Imprint experience has guided me to see a much deeper layer of my inner gift, aligned with my life purpose and becoming the best version of myself, with such clarity and confidence that taking action steps were easy.

Kasia Lukasz, Conscious living Guide,

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