The real purpose of our basic emotions - how they always show up to help you

You hurt - because you experience Fear, Anger, Grief, and even Joy through your reactional defense mechanisms. Would you like to know how the emotions you most likely call negative – can lead you directly to Joy?! Yes, right!

It's not your fault, nobody ever told you the real purpose

None of us have learned the real purpose of the basic emotions - and most of us have learned to defend ourselves against these emotions.

And you know what? You already know the real purpose subconsciously because you are born with the knowledge. The only thing you need to do is reconnect to this wisdom consciously.

Right now, what feels like Fear might not be Fear. The same goes for Anger, Grief - and even Joy!

You learn from an early age to defend yourself or completely substitute emotions. If your parents had the highest defense mechanisms towards Anger, you might switch to Fear or Grief or other feelings when receiving the signal Anger.

Shift from defense to taking the right actions and feel the ease

It's more the norm than not to defend yourself towards - or even completely replace an emotion.

The possible replacement can happen with all four emotions; Fear, Anger, Grief, or Joy.

You start detecting the real underlying emotion to a feeling not by how it feels but by asking yourself a simple question. Ther eare also some basic teachings and definitions for each emotion.

What if you had learned that Anger asks you to respect your boundaries – and helps you get to know yourself?

Maybe then it would be more ok to feel Anger in your system and mark your boundaries?

Every basic emotion has a purpose and an action for which it calls

When you know this and start acting accordingly, the effect is Joy.

Joy from respecting yourself, Joy from taking care of yourself, Joy from paying attention.

Almost every adult today do not know the real purpose of the basic emotions. Why? Because your parents did not know. If you do not learn it consciously, you will subconsciously pass on your reactional defense mechanisms to your kids.

Is it time to recalibrate your entire perception of Fear, Anger, and Grief, and start feeling the Joy?!

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