What is the Heart Story of your business?

make your heart-wired visions visible

> Imagine your highest vision translated onto your walls as a daily visual communicator of your purpose and your why.

You are a Leader, Entrepreneur and Visionaire continuously raising your own awareness

You know heart is more and more key in playing at your pro level, and your ability both to connect from the heart with others and even more so to stay connected with our own heart and soul is essential.

Imagine the next meeting you have with a potential client, new team member or business partner in your office:

What if the introduction could come from a heart centered approach to why you do what you do – all whilst talking from your personal visual expression of it on your wall. 

We all know that people buy the person, the relation and also the vulnerability in being honest and open hearted.

Draw it onto your walls to match the pro level your work already is

A custommade art piece conveying the essence of what you have to offer can lead to dialogues about mutual goals, give clarity to what you are creating together and so much more. 

Then imagine your next team meeting, if you have a team. What if it's drawn on the walls what you are really aiming at and want the teamwork to have in heart and mind during all you collaborate about. 

You play at a pro level in all you do, you use daily routines, tools to keep you on track with everything you want in life– is it time to use art the same way you professionally use every other tool and do your business?

Art used as a vision board

Besides being able to tell the Heart story of your business, you will also have your art working as a giant visual post-it note on your walls to daily remind you and to help everybody within your team to raise the vibe accordingly.

A Heart story can be a single story, it can also be a complex story telling with little stories within the story – all to help form the bigger picture – literally!

Working the way with art, the process itself will likely give even more clarity to you and your business and potentially discover, where you could benefit from making things even more visible.

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