• Slide 1
    *Blossoming Heart* in mega size · mounted on wooden board
  • Slide 2
    *Closer to home* in mega size · mounted on board
  • Slide 3
    *Love Cocoons* and *Heartophone* in standard sizes · above kitchen space
  • Slide 4
    Mini art pieces · shown in black frames
  • Slide 5
    *Love Birds* in mega size · on wooden board

Do you want personal & beautiful art that lasts, brightens your day and makes you smile, knowing in your heart you've made the right choice?

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Yes, give me some inspiration! (coming soon)

Do you sometimes struggle a bit with which colours on the pillows match which art print on the wall? Or perhaps you would just like to have me show you different possibilities on how to place the art prints on the wall, and how different ways give different expressions and styles? Or are you sometimes thinking: Wauw, I'd love to be *brave* and live with colours, but I often end up with grey and black? These types of inspirational articles will be coming soon here on kristinabuk.com, so if you want to know more just head

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Choosing by heart

Years ago on an art gallery fair in Copenhagen (actually the first time my art was officially featured through a gallery) a couple came over to me.

I stood excited and happy next to my very first 3 big paintings, and as they came over, they entered the conversation by saying: ”We don’t know much about art, but we just really like that painting you have there!” I replied, I didn’t know much about art either, but I just really liked to create it ;)

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