Visual Reminders - making the Truths of your Soul visible

Start using your built-in navigation systems consciously to thrive even more through your genius zones and create joy, inner peace, and fulfillment daily. SEE you to BE you!


visual interpretation of core stories

Cupbearer Conversations®

1:1 confidential conversations revealing the answers you hold

Soul Imprint®

the imprint your soul wants you to see

Art Pieces

visual messengers of love


Kristina's work helped me embrace aspects of myself that I was suppressing in my business and life. What I was previously insecure about held the keys to higher performance, more energy, and stronger leadership.

Brian Koehn, Executive Sales & Marketing Leader

My Soul Imprint experience has guided me to see a much deeper layer of my inner gift, aligned with my life purpose and becoming the best version of myself, with such clarity and confidence that taking action steps were easy.

Kasia Lukasz

The work with my Soul Imprint has restored my faith in my process and myself. It is a confirmation that I had forgotten to have faith, and a reminder never to quit on my dream. Now I relax more and therefore – I open up for more traffic to my business.


soul imprint

What is your Soul calling you to see? Take a deep dive into your answers with this 8-day process

With 10 minutes a day, you access your answers through your personal Soul Imprint + Sacred text.

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heart story

Make the core of your business and teachings visible – "Heart" is core and in demand!

Imagine your highest vision translated onto your walls as a daily visual reminder to support you in raising the vibe and reach your goals.

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