Start using your built-in navigation systems consciously in your life and business to thrive even more through your genius zones and create joy, inner peace and fullfilment on a daily basis. SEE you in order to BE you!


Kristina's work helped me embrace aspects of myself that I was supressing in my business and life. What I was previously insecure about held the keys to higher performance, more energy, and stronger leadership.

Brian Koehn, Executive Sales & Marketing Leader

My Soul Imprint experience has guided me to see a much deeper layer of my inner gift, aligned with my life purpose and becoming the best version of myself, with such clarity and confidence that taking action steps was easy.

Kasia Lukasz

The work with my Soul Imprint has restored my faith in my process and myself. It is a confirmation that I had forgotten to have faith, and a reminder never to quit on my dream. Now I relax more and therefore – I open up for more traffic to my business.


Make what's important visible

Monitor your energy to see your true motivations

Energy is not fuel with a certain amount of miles per gallon. Energy is directly connected to your true calling and what you do –what really makes you happy, no matter the outcome.

Start monitoring your energy, and you will see your real motivations for your actions and find out what makes you happy.

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We broadcast all the time

Which reality do you want to paint in front of your eyes? If you do not like what you are seeing, consider finding out where you broadcast from - your subconscious patterns in your brain or your higher self and your heart's callings?

When you shift from setting goals with your brain and start listening to what your soul is calling you to do to bring yourself and others joy through your unique gifts - your reality will shift too.

Do you see yourself as a fighter?

Being a "fighter" is often seen as positive. And it can be. Consider this before painting the image in your head, that you are a fighter.

When you see yourself as a fighter, the only way of a fighter is to have an opponent. With this you will create unnecesary hard times and extra lessons. Being a fighter often also stems from believing in life to be hard. Is it time to let it be easy?

Do not mistake showing up in you life with fighting in your life – surrender to allowing.

soul imprint

What is your Soul calling you to see?

See yourself clearly with a personal Soul Imprint & Sacred text and feel even more joy and at peace when you dive deep and listen to your own answers.

Tell me about this process

Your deepest questions can turn into a subtle constant questioning your unique ways and yourself, if you do not see yourself clearly. You are still performing, even doing what you like to do, but the full joy of doing this really kicks in, when you take care of these deep questions. Start seeing yourself even clearer - and enjoying living your full potential will be so much easier - your unique ways are the next lift this planet needs.

soul sessions

Dive into your unique ways and regain personal clarity and balance from your core

1:1 Sessions to rediscover and reenforce what is truly important for you to see in order to take the right action and regain your levels of energy and experience joy on a daily basis.

Is this for me?

“Principles for the Development of a Complete Mind: Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses – especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.”

Leonardo da Vinci

heart stories

Make the core of your business and teachings visible – "Heart" is core and in demand!

Imagine your highest vision translated onto your walls as a daily visual reminder to support you in raising the vibe and reach your goals.

How can I benefit from this?

Look Books

Look Book: Soul Imprints made for Clients

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Look Book: Soul Imprints made for Clients

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