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Photographer: Thomas Hjorth


Hi, I'm Kristina, the artist behind kristinabuk.com

My mission is to create visual art that will make your heart smile, spread love and contribute to your everyday life in a positive way, all without blowing your budget. Therefore, I’ve made a brand new art print concept, that makes it possible to get personal and colorful art made especially for art prints. I call them Visual Reminders.

My first series of art prints is called: Following My Heart, because that is exactly what this work is all about for me: Doing what I know in my heart is true for me to do.

From I was 4, my mother taught me how to sew on the sewing machine, and from both my mother and grandmother I have found a love for textiles, the colors and structures and my own creativity with it all in general. Drawing and painting came natural - and I've been doing that always.

The last 15 years I have been working as an artist doing one of a kind paintings, having exhibitions in galleries and hosting my own events. Over the years I have developed different personal techniques doing one of a kind paintings. And it's those techniques I've taken further digitally with the premium quality art prints.

Those techniques now all come together in my art print series. 


Also I have 15 years of experience working as a professional Graphic designer with a MA in Graphic Design from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in Copenhagen, Denmark. I have worked both in studios and for years now in my own company, in collaboration with companies in various industries tackling everything from corporate visual identities to complex product lines. 

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