Hi, I'm Kristina

I’m a visual healer, artist, and transformational coach blending visual perception, spirituality, science, and personal development to help you see yourself clearly in this now.

I help you see your core being so you can stay aligned and true to yourself, feel more at peace, and know you can trust your answers. I do this best by seeing and being me. When we create from the core of our being, things fall into place. It’s as simple as that. The more we grow, the more will surface for us to be able to see.

The way I do it is through visual messages, downloads, and dialogue with you to discover how you can see yourself on an even deeper level of understanding. Only you know who you are and how you want to live your life.

I ask questions and share other perspectives for you to dive into your answers. You see your current reality with your eyes; I offer mine for a new perspective if you would like to connect the dots differently – so you like the view better.


Benefits of this work can be:

– You understand and live Emotional Intelligence in a whole new way, beneficial to yourself and others.

– You realize you can feel strong while following non-linear intuition driven solutions and create even better results as a direct effect.

– You experience deeper trust in your answers.

– You feel inner joy as a result of the reinforced connection with yourself.

– You draw inspiration from your higher self, connecting it with your strategies, you create a perfect motor to move into new levels of alignment with your truth.

We always see ourselves

One thing I have learned over the past 25 years of making art is: We always see our own stories. Of course, you can study the intention of the artist, and that’s a passion for many too. But at the end of the day, we see ourselves. At exhibitions, looking at a piece of art, a person would say: “It is a motorcycle, isn’t it, Kristina?” and I would have the person show me their story. 

How can this change lives?

When you reinforce your connection to your Soul, you more easily know what’s right for you at any given moment. When you see yourself, your uniqueness, gifts, and talents in this light, it sinks into your system. What sinks in is; everything is perfect – you are perfect. The things you might resist to see can turn out to be your superpowers, your unique contribution to an old paradigm within a field, your new standard for the next generation.


Testimonial for a personal Soul Imprint:

” Kristina shares her remarkable art gift and 

her unique ability to connect with your Soul 

to present you with your very personal visual soul message, 

based on her connection with the infinite wisdom of the universe.”

Kasia Lukasz


My story: I needed to see myself and my gifts

I started my career in graphic design, educated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture. I have worked for many years as an independent graphic designer for major brands and as an artist creating large scale oil paintings, exhibiting and made for private homes. Alongside this, I have lived and trained personal development teachings, and have an instructor education within an in-depth danish personal development program.

I have grown to know that no matter our upbringing and circumstances, we all have the exact amount of past, present, and future learnings, experiences, and patterns, we need. It’s the training to realize we are perfect as we are - and to start creating with our unique superpowers in our lives.


One of my biggest realizations has been to own my gifts completely. I see visual translations of core stories for people; I receive them as downloads. I use this gift to make unresolved issues around an individual’s very core identity and gifts visible. I combine it with hearing, sensing, and seeing other realities going on. Sometimes we have well-proven strategies and tactics to get things done. Thus, we do not question if the dots could connect slightly different for us to harvest more joy in the process.

I have become the detective in my own life, exploring my truth as it evolves, and I’d love to investigate your next steps with you.



Much love,