What is your Soul calling you to see? (30s)

Your personal Soul Imprint helps you listen to the Wisdom of your own Soul through seeing it.

Reenforce your connection to your truth to continuously co-create the love, joy, and abundance you are here to live and give – See your next steps clearly now!

Have you worked with yourself for quite a while, consciously co-creating your life, doing meditation, inner work and showing up in the outer world – and still you have something, which is simply not falling into place?
Something you know is there and have not found the solution to move foreward from for real?
It might show up as lack of energy the way you use to have, feeling unfulfilled though you achieve the goals you set for yourself in business and in life, the feeling of emptiness still, when you cross that finish line, subtle questioning yourself and your ways though you still live your life. Also when you have succeeded immensely, sometimes it's even more difficult to let go and see the next steps clearly.
We all have questions about ourselves, and they can unconsciously be working against us, because we basically think there is something wrong, whether we are conscious about it or not.
Your personal Soul Imprint can help you see the questions and help you see they are the core part of your unique gifts and talents – not something that's wrong.
Images/visuals are a part of our very powerful creator toolbox as human beings besides thoughts, words and feelings. This is why visualization – when used the intended way – really moves mountains.

Like you can use visuals to create your life, sometimes the Soul communicates in images too – to give you the answers, you need to see and hear. It's like a Vision board from within showing you your Core to remind you again.

Why is it important to listen within, to start taking action on the sometimes subtle hints we get in any shape or form from the very core of our own being? 

Because this is leading us to feel the joy and bliss WHILST fulfilling what we are here to share. To stay true to our Soul will give that inner joy from the very start of our journey, we can let go of any convictions, limitations, habits or beliefs which we are not anymore. To listen to our Soul's answers to this and not merely our heads. 

Sometimes we need to go beyond logic to target issues we keep feeling.

What I have found so far is that these drawings will lead your conscious mind to your own answers to these questions.

I draw a Soul Imprint which shows you what is a deep question in your mind - and gives you the answer from your Heart.