Should you "Shield" or "Field" yourself?

Have this in mind: most of us create visuals to support our perception of the world. Next time you use words to describe something, notice which images it creates within you. Are they supportive of you believing in possibilities, or are they creating unnecessary extra limitations and lessons for you?

Maybe you have come across the expression about protecting or shielding yourself from the energy of other people, places, or things? The intention is good: to take care of yourself, so you only let energies into your system of the same megahertz levels as yourself or higher.

Most of us unconsciously pick up energy during our day from so many different situations without knowing it. If you get home in the evening and feel in a bad mood, tired or sad for seemingly no reason, one explanation could be: It might not be your feelings, attitudes, and energy you’re carrying! Up to 80-90% of how we feel in the evening can come from others.

That is why taking care of yourself is a good idea, but you might want to consider the visual imprints you create around it, depending on what you call it and which images it generates for you.

Some talk about shielding yourself with a sphere around you. If you go into the world thinking you have to shield yourself from it and the people in it energy-wise, essentially what you are saying is that the world is a bad place for you to be, and you have to defend yourself from it - and guess what this attracts.

Of course, there might be areas, people, and places you should not spend too much time on. So it’s not to say you should not take care of yourself.

But notice the difference between the images “shield yourself” and “field yourself” creates. Go into the world fielding yourself with the lovely energy you are, having the picture of a sphere around you. Not to keep the world out, but to radiate your love and to attract other high-frequency levels like you into your life. Then the perception of the world and other people becomes much more pleasant and loving.

And remember: you can always ask if the energy you are experiencing is yours. If you sense it is not, then ask it to leave. If it’s your vibration, start taking a look at why and how to raise it again.


Does this change your perspective on fielding or shielding yourself? Which visuals do you create? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.


Much love,


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