How a Mercedes S-class relates to your basic emotions

- and why you want to know as a man and a leader.

You want the best and proven solutions. You prefer rational over emotional, where things make sense and are functioning at their best.

This is for you:

You have the choice between getting into the latest Mercedes S-class model or an old Citroën 2CV for a very long trip, what do you choose? Unless you have a passion extraordinaire for retro French cars, I’m guessing the Mercedes S-class.

Then, imagine; the latest Mercedes S-class, but someone tampers with the entire wiring of the systems on its way to you. You get into the car to find the advanced active and passive safety, and navigation systems are not working correctly, and some are shut down. Only two cylinders of this fantastic motor are working, and the lights are not.

It’s going to be bumpy, unpleasant, slightly dangerous, a lot of work, and, most of all - unnecessary.

Finally, imagine you ARE that Mercedes S-class. Your entire body is this advanced technology, which you cannot activate to all its potential due to the tampering.

When a collision is an actual risk, you speed up because the advanced brake system is falsely reconnected, and you end up using the handbrake in your attempt to avoid the damage. The GPS tells you to make U-turns every 5 minutes, and the airbags blow up when you turn on the music!
You might be used to the reduced functionality and dysfunction because you have not experienced how it could be. You might have come up with workarounds in the day to day situations, but they are not sustainable for your well-being over time.

What if I told you that our basic emotions: fear, anger, and grief are a core part of our personal safety and navigation system?
When you reconnect to the purpose of your basic emotions, you re-establish your highly intelligent systems for the optimal experience you are designed to be.

And don’t worry, you will not wake up as a Volkswagen Beetle one morning instead - too feminine and curvy - just because you start taking the right actions on these signals.
On the contrary, I’m pretty sure your spouse will find you even more attractive in your masculinity model 2020 upgrade when you start navigating from your emotions instead of transmuting, managing, or all together shotting them off.

You will probably also love this; there is not much talk about emotions; instead of reactions, there is taking the right actions on them. Perfect for your high achiever DNA, right?

Now ask yourself as a leader; do you want your team members showing up as a stripped-down S-class reduced to the power of an old Citroën 2CV when they already hold so much more? Nah, right?!
This is why introducing the real purpose of our basic emotions as the navigation system they are, makes sense.

Employees connected to themselves become engaged employees, which lead to energized and well-balanced teams, which then create long term core strength within businesses.

The ride itself is also going to be so much more joyous because the fourth basic emotion, which is joy, is always the effect of taking the right actions on the three other basic emotions.

Yes, that’s right.

Relearn what anger, fear, and grief are asking you to do - then the positive effect by nature is you experience joy instantly.

Who would have thought, when usually talking about the meaning of emotions? It makes sense, though – when you have tried driving a Mercedes S-class with all features activated and working FOR you - you know.

Enjoy the ride,

P.S. Mercedes Benz is not related to this blog post in any way. The purpose of mentioning the S-class is solely to serve as a metaphor.

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