What is your Soul calling you to see?

Your personal Soul Imprint helps you listen to the Wisdom of your own Soul through seeing it clearly.

Reenforce your connection to your truth to continuously co-create the love, joy and abundance, you are here to live and give – See your next steps clearly now!


Your deepest questions can turn into a subtle constant questioning your unique ways and yourself, if you do not see yourself clearly.

You are still performing, doing what you like to do, even playing at a pro level –  but the full joy of doing this only really kicks in, when you take care of these deep questions or needs.

When you see and embrace your unique ways, you will enjoy living your life and feel more fulfillment on a daily basis.

You stop feeling you are pretending in some way, or just now 100% owning your own infinite powers. 

The level of joy and peace of mind lies in moving from setting and fulfilling only external goals to listening to and resting in your Soul with whom you truly are.

Then when you take action, your creations will always be based on your inner callings - and by default give you joy and fulfillment no matter the outer Trophies.

Visually connecting to your Wisdom

Your personal Soul Imprint can help you see the questions and help you see they are the core part of your unique gifts and talents – not something that’s wrong.

Images/visuals are a part of our very powerful creator toolbox as human beings besides thoughts, words and feelings. This is why visualization – when used the intended way – really moves mountains.

Like you can use visuals to create your life, sometimes the Soul communicates in images too – to give you the answers, you need to see and hear. It’s like a Vision board from within showing you your Core to remind you again.

How you know it's time: (hour glass)

If you experience one or more of the below mentioned:

1. You have worked with yourself for quite a while, consciously co-creating your life, doing meditation, inner work and showing up in the outer world – and still you have something, which is simply not falling into place - an unanswered questionmark you might not be aware of the question to.

2. You experience lack of energy in areas you are not used to.

3. You are having subtle feelings of unfulfillment though you achieve the goals you set for yourself in business and in life.

4. You experience a feeling of emptiness even when you cross that finish line.

5. You have started subtly questioning yourself and your ways though you still live your life.

6. Known methods to bounce back no longer have a long lasting effect on you.

7. You feel subtle fear and unease for no known reason to you.

8. You have been playing at a pro level for a very long time, experienced in what you do and basically living your purpose as far as you know. Lately, you have started to struggle with keeping up with the work, feeling boredom whilst doing it and even experiencing a backdraw in your business within areas you normally are killing it in.

9. You have started wondering how you apply thriving just as well in your personal life as you do in your business/work life or vice versa.

How you benefit from it:


Why our time is calling for it:

We are on an uplifting vibrational journey in this world – whether we like it or not. Therefore, it's becoming even more important to trust your intuition, your Soul's callings to hear your own truth, because everything else takes too long, is outdated before you finish and simply do not provide you with joy as you learn.

You will navigate more freely and make wise decisions for yourself based on your truth. The shortest way to being true and kind to you, is to really see yourself.

kasia's story

See and hear what Kasia gained from this personal work

Since I ever remember as a child, I had a very strong need to have a twin sister, to the point that...

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