Kasia's Soul Imprint

The sacred text on day 7:

It is your mandala - it is your life’s wheel - it is you. The 4 leafs of a clover, a flower, a circuit. 4 bodies looping in constant flow of energy between each other become one. One eye, one center, one focus, one soul. The 4 stamens of the flower to spread love, nurish one self, ignite oneness.

The infinity sign in everything looping together to be the light within you, the love to live. The infinity sign is one and a couple in the same. It is lungs of two to breathe the life and light of oneness. 

You walk your own walk, you are not alone. Integration of the feminine and masculine in one and one becomes two at the same time. You can put yourself in the 6 o’clock leaf of the clover, your head is in the 12 o’clock leaf. This is also seen upside down, so you are mirrored with a body in the 12 o’clock leaf and a head in the 6 o’clock leaf.
Twin souls do not need each other to fullfill them, they find each other to enhange the purpose within and tenfold the effect by being this in freedom for each other. You are your own twinsoul in the feminine and masculine energy – and you can have a twin soul too. Notice with the mirroring told above, that one’s head carries the other’s heart and vice versa. It’s not ”either or” it’s ”both and”. Any love is just given to you. Though you do not ”need” it. You can just receive it.

Angels are with you, within you and around you. You have wings to fly and walk, breathe and talk your truth high from the mountain tops to bring it close to homes and valleys, shelters and alleys of one and all.

You stand with you. The Universe stands with you. All stand with you.



Kasia's testimonial:

"I am so grateful to experience the powerful 8 Day Program, so unique and special, and the visual aspect of it just adds another level and quality, that I’ve never experienced in my life.

The Mandala is gorgeous and means so much to me. From the very first moment I saw it, I immediately knew it will be the symbol of my life. As I was planning of personalising some jewellery, it was obvious that I’ve received the most beautiful design I could ever wish for. It’s really astonishing and beyond imagination. To be honest, there are no words to describe what I feel, it brought me to tears.

The whole experience was so beautiful and so powerful, and what I’ve received, it really is my Soul Imprint! Since I ever remember as a child, I had a very strong need to have a twin sister, to the point that I’ve created my own world where I was living with that twin sister. I imagined that I was able to communicate with her on such a deep level that was not able to experience with anyone else.

For all my life I was searching for the answer to this mysterious and unrealistic desire. Only now I know what the search and deep desire was about, thank you Kristina for leading me to this ‘missing’ part of my soul. It all makes sense when the dots are connected; the answer was always there, within me, not in the outer world.

Kristina shares her beautiful and remarkable art gift and her unique ability to connect with your soul to present you with your very personal visual soul message, based on her connection with the infinite wisdom of the universe.

The questions you’re asked guide you to look deep into yourself, get clarity and focus. Every day gives you the opportunity to bring out the very best in you and let your inner light shine; I personally loved the remarkable level of clarity and confidence I was gaining every day. As a result you know exactly what your next step is, and you’re ready to take action."


With love,

Kasia Lukasz · Holistic & Spiritual Mentor · London