Soul Imprint for experienced Leaders

You are a Leader, Entrepreneur and Visionaire, experienced at working consciously with your own growth and raising your vibration to continuously play at your best and to fulfill your potential.

The more we become aware the more will surface for us to resolve what we do not need anymore and to lift us further and come closer to the center of our being. The further you grow the more you need to take care of yourself staying in your awareness and really seeing your core self, your Soul - and what it is calling you to see in this day and time. 

I cannot draw or tell you anything you do not already know in some way. But I can help you see your wisdom clearly and reenforce your connection with it. You already know you need to take care of yourself first, before you have something to give from a pure heart to others. Sometimes we get caught up in our goals, plans, work and life, and we forget to really dive deep not only to check in with our goals and bucket lists - but to check in with our Heart and Soul to make sure, we are really listening and adjusting to our ever growing. 



A Soul Imprint is a personal drawing and text made for you to reconnect with your Soul's calling. A way you both visually and in words let yourself listen within, reconnect and reenforce your Soul connection and solve possible issues so you can experience the joy, growth and abundance coming from staying in tune and true to yourself on the core level of your very being.

Your Soul Imprint is a personal drawing, an additional text and Powerful 8 Day Program for Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Visionaries with 15 min. work on your behalf per day for you to see your own Soul message.

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"Kristina shares her beautiful and remarkable art gift and her unique ability to connect with your soul to present you with your very personal visual soul message, based on her connection with the infinite wisdom of the universe."