Write your own Story (version 2)

Write your own Story: "When you give up the "fight" and surrender to things being easy - love grows in this light. Your have the power to write your own story." Colors of purples, yellows and black. Let joy vibrate from your walls and contribute to your interior feel good factor.

Standard size - no board: 75x95 cm (29.53x37.40 in)
Standard size - with board: 81x101 cm (31.89x39.76 in)
Mega size - no board: 112x142 cm (44.09x55.91 in)
Mega size - with board: 122x152 cm (48.03x59.84 in)

Board or no board: The art print is sold with or without the contemporary board - a new interpretation of the frame. 

With the board, the art print is mounted on a 3mm hdf board attached to the 12mm frame board with screws, ready to put on your wall. The 12mm board material is based on mdf, the wooden fibres are dyed with natural colors and the board is 30% stronger than a normal mdf board. 

Without the board, the art print on high quality art paper is shipped as a paper roll.

Artistic technique: Digital collage made from my drawings, paintings, fabric structures and more. 

Printing method: high quality digital print
Color type: Roland ECO-max 2
Paper: 220g/m2 high quality art paper

NOTE: The colors shown here on your display might be slightly different from the actual art print due to the fact that displays are different in both technology and personal settings.