Do you want personal & beautiful art that lasts, brightens your day and makes you smile, knowing in your heart you've made the right choice?
Then you're in the right place :)


Hi, I'm Kristina Buk the artist behind every piece you find here on the site. And I'd love to help you get inspirational, positive art into your every day life.

Maybe you know this scenario, like Rikke I spoke to: Your walls are still a bit empty or decorated with pictures you preferred to be different. You’ve been searching for something that’s a real piece of art in your opinion, and the art you can find at the right price is not really what you want, the art you do want, is not the kind of money you want to spend on art just now. You’ve been looking in the local interior shops, small galleries and chain stores, searched online - with no luck so far and now, you still don’t know where to find, what you originally hoped for.

You don’t mind that others have the same art print as you do, you just don’t want everyone to be able to buy it in the local mall or to be distributed in Ikea numbers.

It can be difficult to find art that meets those needs, because most alternatives to the often more expensive one of a kind paintings are replica posters of the same one of a kind paintings, or more graphical posters with drawings, geometry or the latest trend.
Just to be clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with either. What it shows is merely a gap - if you were dreaming of colourful, positive art, that gives you that *yes!* feeling every day you look at it.

Even though you might prefer an empty wall over something you don’t really want, then you probably also would love just to have that finished feel to your home, where the walls are displaying art you love, contributing to the over all feeling, so you can concentrate on enjoying your everyday life, inviting your friends and family over and feel satisfied and at home.

I think you should have exactly that as well, and that's why I sat down and developed my own digital collage technique based on many years of experience as an artist creating one of a kind oil painting collages. These art pieces are crafted especially for art prints.

With premium quality art prints it’s possible to sell same motif a number of times, and this has allowed me to put just as much effort, expertise, heart and soul into them, as I do when making a one of a kind painting - but selling them for an entirely different price. Also, I have added a limited edition of max 200 pieces per art print, so there will only be 200 examples of that exact art piece. Why? Because I still wanna keep them special to you.

I’ve used textures from my oil paintings, drawings, fabrics and canvas structures - all collaged together digitally to make your art print the original final product.


Testimonial from Mette D., Denmark:

"Spontaniously, I had the art print "Heartophone" on my wish list for Christmas, and my husband gave it to me. I hadn't given the framing any thought in advance. Therefore, the framing guide that came with the art print made the dialogue between me and my local frame shop really easy for the both of us. Every day, I feel joy from my beautiful "Heartophone" art print, which the framing delicately enhances."

You might still be concerned how it will look in your home? We all know everything looks great in living magazines - and as beautiful as it is - it seldom represents the everyday life you and I know with laundry do to, cups from late evening coffees still on the table and some elderly furniture, we never found a replacement for, because travelling with our family was a higher priority every time than living in an interior magazine.

I have you covered on this part with the view service, where you can take a photo of your room, mail me the photo(s) together with the name(s) and size(s) of your favorite art print(s). Then I will get back to you with manipulated photos, so you can see how it looks in your own home - all before buying anything.

Also, you might wanna read what really matters when choosing art, to make sure you stay happy with it.