Cupbearer Conversation

In ancient times, kings had cupbearers to make sure they did not get poisoned by the wine. The cupbearer was thoroughly trustworthy to hold this position and often also became trusted in other personal matters to the king.

Today’s leaders do not often get poisoned by wine. Still, as with the king, a leader today can find freedom in having a person to dialogue outside the hierarchy.

I consider myself a cupbearer to leaders.

Before you think, “I don’t need a cupbearer,” – hear me out.

You are an excellent leader of all you execute; that’s why you’ve made it in many areas of life.

Sometimes, when on that foundation, we start to experience subtle physical, psychological, or emotional signals, day to day behavioral situations for ourselves or our team. And for a good reason; You have created the perfect foundation to grow further consciously and see your next steps and levels of consciousness. The experiences nudge us for this exact reason – to investigate the underlying causes to grow further and create even better processes and solutions.

If you have noticed some of this and are interested in personal growth beyond traditional performance strategies – this could be for you.

In dialogue, we taste the subjects going on in your life you want to investigate, keeping everything confidential as you reinforce your soul’s connection and see your answers in the process.

Who do you talk to about personal and professional matters? We do not necessarily always go to our spouse, closest friends, or peers. Though they are lovely to share with, their genius zones might not be in human behavioral patterns and psychological connectors – and sometimes, the subjects even involve them directly or indirectly.

When in a leading position, you make decisions all the time. And often alone. You have so much experience in the work you do. I do not know anything about how to do your job.

What I do well is hearing, sensing, and seeing other realities going on. Sometimes we have well-proven strategies and tactics to get things done. Thus, we do not question if the dots could connect slightly differently to harvest more joy in the process.

So the wine might be the one we usually drink, and it’s probably not poisoned – but it has just got a slightly different taste over time. Or maybe we became tired of it, but haven’t considered looking into what to drink instead.

I ask questions and share possible connections for you to dive into your answers. You see your current reality in front of you with your eyes. I offer you my eyes to see if you would like to connect the dots differently to better the view.

Some of the benefits can be:
– You heighten the real meaning of Emotional Intelligence to the benefit of yourself and others.
– You realize you can feel strong while following non-linear intuition driven solutions and create even better results as a direct effect.
– You experience even more trust in your answers.
– You feel inner joy on a daily as a result of that reinforced connection.
– Connecting your strategies with your inspirations – now drawn from your higher self – you create a perfect two-part motor to move into new levels in alignment with your truth.

You have all the peers you need.
You have all the friends you want.

When did you have a personal cupbearer to your soul?

I’d love to do a free Soul session with you, and I guarantee you will be glad you did. Even if we don’t end up collaborating, you will leave our meeting with more clarity on how to use your built-in wisdom this year than before.

Are you open to chatting and exploring your heart’s intelligence and how you can put it into play? (15-20 mins).

Bon appetit!