The power of Visual Perception is strong

"A picture is worth a thousand words" is an old saying. Often we take in information in one image, which would have taken several paragraphs to describe in words. Also, images evoke emotions really fast, which is a core factor in conscious creating and memory.
This is also why you can use Visual material and your perception of it the other way around: What does the Visual awaken of wisdom and truth already within you, which you have put aside or are not conscious about yet?
It's a fact, that we often "go blind", when it comes to really seeing ourself. This is quite common and also why, it sometimes is a great help to have someone be your mirror or reflect to you your own wisdom and uniqueness. I have a really good friend, who once said to me, she would wish that everybody saw, how I really was.
Honestly, it made me somewhat sad first - because I knew she was telling me a truth. Though I did feel I was me and not pretending with other people, I also knew, that I never really showed 

When you think about it – we all ”draw” all the time to communicate better!

Yes - it’s true: How many times have you seen a colleague or a friend use their hands to ”show” you, what they ment? When you are trying to explain something to them in words, how often have they said: Could you show me? We try to visualize every day in so many ways and situations, we are not even aware of. I believe we do so, because we are hardwired to perceive massive information fast visually. It’s the entire foundation of our subconscious brain.

Hi, I’m Kristina.

I'm a Transformation Artist working with Visual perception blending art, Spirituality, Science & Personal development.

I help people see their core being so they can stay aligned and true to who they really are, feel more at peace and know they can trust themselves. I do this best by seeing and being me. When we create from the core of our being, things fall into place. It’s as simple as that. The more we grow, the more will surface for us to be able to see.

The way I do it is through Visual messages, perceptions, downloads and dialogues with you to discover, how you can see yourself on an even deeper level of understanding.

People working consciously with themselves are starting to feel the effects of high performance training, intense transformation work to reach goals and personal development programs to become a better version of themselves - it can be seen as a new risk of self neglect.

We want to move from performance coaching into being, from becoming a better version of ourselves into being enough exactly as we are, and from coaching to self exploration of our own truth. At the end of the day only you know, who you are and how you want to live your life.

I cannot tell you what is right for you, I can tell you what I get shown, give you Visual tools to become your own detective in really being you and together in a feedback loop we can find out, what hits home with you and what does not.

There is nothing you need to ad more of, becomes better at or a higher performer of - you only need to reconnect or reenforce your connection to your Soul, so you more easily know what's right for you in a given moment.

Make what’s important visible!

Often we come from seeing what’s ”wrong” - wearing the troubleshooting glasses. But what we think is ”wrong” or ”different” about us – is often what is perfectly right!

We always see ourselves.

One thing I have learned over the past 25 years of making art is: We always see our own stories as spectators. Of course you can study the intention of the artist and that’s a passion for many too. But at the end of the day, people see themselves. They say: "It is a motorcycle isn’t it, Kristina?", and I would have the person show me where, because I always love to see your story. 
That we see ourselves is exactly as it should be, if you ask me. This way, it’s possible to use visual art actively and consciously as a tool to self love and to create with.

When working, I use intuition and spiritual downloads, along with a combination of knowledge from personal development tools, common sense and a big interest in the science catching up with the explanations to the seemingly more airy parts of my processes. Blending these together creates personal Soul Imprints, sketches, drawings, wall pieces and full blown murals to visually let you see yourself and your business.

How can this change lives?

When we see ourselves and our uniqueness, gifts and talents with our own two eyes and we find our own answers to the same questions resurfacing in the work processes, then it really sinks into our systems.
The questions about our novel methods, our feelings of belonging or not, our conviction of alianation or not from the status quo. What sinks in is, everything is perfect. The things you might not want to see - can turn out to be exactly your super powers, you unique contribution to an old paradigm within a field, your new normal for the next generation.
No matter if it's a personal collaboration or if you choose a readymade art piece, visual art can be used as Visual Reminders on a daily basis both in your personal and professional life.

”Kristina shares her remarkable art gift and 
her unique ability to connect with your Soul  
to present you with 
your very personal visual soul message, 
based on her connection with the 
infinite wisdom of the universe.”
Kasia Lukasz

My own story:

I needed to see myself and my own gifts.

I started my career in graphic design, educated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture. I have worked for many years as an indepent graphic designer for major brands and as an artist creating large scale oil paintings for private homes. 

For as long as I can remember, I have felt somewhat different and not belonging despite loving parents doing the best they knew. At the same time everything was very normal. In recent time I have grown to knowing no matter our upbringing and circumstances, we all have the exact amount of past, present and future learnings, experiences and patterns, we need, in order to realize we are perfect as we are - and to start creating with our unique super powers in our lives.

As said my all time biggest realization has been to own my gifts completely. I felt like the little boy in the movie the Sixth sense, when he says: ”I see dead people”. Not that I see dead people – I see visual translations of core stories for people. But it felt dangerous and scary to say out loud, and at the same time it felt and feels like coming home.

I use this gift of channeling abstract solutions to unresolved issues around individual’s very core identity and gifts. I combine it with my ability to feel people - meaning how they really are, and years of training my own personal development. I have become the detective in my own life exploring where this is taking me, and I love every step of it.
Always feel free to reach out to me.
With love,