How the art is created

Step 1-3: The first idea is sketched and then adjustments to the drawing is made. When the basic motif is done, an outline is created - here it's drawn by hand.

Step 4-6: Then the drawing is scanned and added as a layer in a Photoshop file - a professional image editing software. Here close-ups of my oil painting structures are used as structures to paint new motifs. The number of layers increase as details and different textures are completed. Handdrawings, photoshop filters, own brushes developed in Photoshop and fabric textures are just some of the materials used to create the art print. 

Step 7-9: The different layers and techniques are collaged together digitally, different colour harmonies are tested, and the original art print file often contains of 100 layers or more to craft the structures, effects and depth in each art print.

Step 10-11: When the art is completed, it is a digital Photoshop file. And then it's ready for digital print on premium quality 220 g/m2 art paper, as it's ordered. Thus, you'll always get a new and fresh art print - rolled, sealed and shipped directly to you.


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Enjoy :)